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In 2010, my husband had a stroke and we spent 4 weeks in the hospital and another 5 weeks in rehab. That time in the hospital, and subsequent practically yearly other visits means we have needed to have a hospital bag packed for the trips to the ER that always ended up being at night. Knowing that I have something I can just grab on our way out to the car means taking care of myself makes things so much easier. I have had to be strict with myself, making sure that I can take care of myself to continue taking care of him.

I knew how much better having a hospital care package available made me feel, and I knew that it could make a difference in others too.

Not everyone that is in a hospital has had to visit before. It can be overwhelming  Unfortunately, not everyone has opportunities or friends and family local to bring anything they need to the hospital. If they don’t have anyone available to help, it can be so emotionally draining. That is why I created Long Distance Hugs. Anyone can send a hospital care package with everything that is needed to take care of yourself or someone else, or just have it available for any future hospital stays.

Knowing that you can help provide a hug across the US means that you can help someone’s stay be a little bit easier.

Ordering a hospital care package for someone you love is simple. You can order it directly from my shop here.